CLR Septic Treatment

clr septic treatment

Benefits of Using CLR Septic Treatment

CLR septic treatment has been recommended recently to house and building owners. This can be uninteresting for you as well at first with so many treatments and products are already offered and available for this. What can be so special from this particular treatment? Well, the following benefits should tell you how this treatment will be so different.

Effective Formula

Unlike other solution or treatment, this particular septic treatment and drain care system is using bio active formula, not dangerous chemical solutions. The formula contains live as well as active bacteria. This bacteria is the certain kind that naturally helps in eliminating organic matter, grease, and oil from your septic and drain system. The formula has been stabilized so it can deposit the bacteria to the targeted area and initiate effective treatment. It means we use natural life to eliminate the problems, to maintain proper septic system and free flowing drains. In addition to it, with the bacteria is actually alive, we don’t need to control the CLR septic. This is only natural.

Safe for Environment

Of course, to make perfect formula, we can’t avoid chemistry mixture in it. While most other solutions can be chemically dangerous for us, this particular treatment is entering safe toilet cleaning products segment. This product is EPA-approved so it is qualified to be classified as Safer Product by DfE Standard. The chemistry mixture is a lot safer than other products. Most other products use inert carriers in which bacteria are easily attached to, preservatives, and detergents. CLR septic solution uses environmentally-friendly ingredients and it contains no soaps, added enzymes, or emulsifier at all. Liquefies organic is built-up in slow moving drain lines. It really helps in neutralizing the odors yet it won’t damage the pipe.

Time and Energy Saving

CLR toilet cleaner is claimed to maintain septic system up to 1,500 gallons and immediately neutralize the odor in monthly treatment. It can be used anytime of the day as you want it. In addition to it, it can be just poured down the drain, any drain, you wish to clean. It can also be used in a flush-down toilet. CLR PRO Septic Treatment can clean any drain at anytime instantly.

From the entire explanation above, we understand that this particular treatment isn’t only effective and less time and energy consuming but also safe for our environment. Offering simpler and more effective solution, we shouldn’t doubt that this CLR septic treatment should be our choice from now on.

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