CLR To Clean Washing Machine

clr to clean washing machine

How to Use CLR to Clean Washing Machines

Using CLR to clean washing machine is probably one of the best solutions. CLR itself is the shortened name of Calcium Lime Rust. It is a cleaning product to take care of many kinds of stains like calcium, lime, or iron oxide deposits. CLR cleaning products will dissolve them easily in no time. So, can I use CLR in the washing machine? Of course, not just a washing machine, you can also clean a coffee maker too.

First thing you will ask is, “how do I add CLR to my washing machine?” Well, it is simple. All you need is the CLR liquid filled in half on a cup and pour it to the loader. Before that, make sure that there is no any detergent or chemical stuff inside the washing machine before pouring the CLR. After that, you can run a normal cycle and followed by a warm wash cold rinse cycle. And finally, run water only rinse cycle.

How do you clean a front loader washer with CLR? That’s a bit of a tricky question, but the procedure is almost the same. All you need is to pour the CLR liquid to the detergent tray and run the complete wash and rinse cycle, as I explained before.

How do I clean the rubber seal on my front load washer? This will require you some muscle works. First, you need to check any disgusting deposit around the washer door. If you spotted any deposit, bring yourself a bucket of warm water, half a cup of CLR, and a sponge. The real muscle work begins here. Wipe and clean the disgusting stains as clean as possible with the sponge on your hand. After we clean those stains, bring yourself a clean and dry cloth as the extra cleaning work to remove remaining moisture around the seal area.

How do I remove Scrud from my washing machine?

Well, it is quite tricky. First of all, you need to run an empty cycle with some hot water and a good detergent by letting the washer soak for an entire night. It is suggested to run a warm or hot wash once in a while if you used to wash your clothes in cold water to reduce some amount of build-ups. If you’re still facing the same problem, it wasn’t the washer fault, but it is the water hardness. Water hardness can even make your clothes got grey or black marks.

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