CLR Cleaner Mold Remover

clr cleaner mold remover

CLR Cleaner Mold Remover, The Solution for Mold Problem at Home

Mold and mildew are serious problems you can have at your home. Once it shows up, there is a big chance that it will spread and infect other areas in your house. So, it’s always a wise decision to remove and solve this problem once you find it. For this reason, you will need a clr cleaner mold remover.

Why CLR Mold Remover?

The clr cleaner mold and mildew simply work well on many kinds of mold and mildew. The effect is immediate. Once you spray this product on the infected area, you can see the effect in a matter of minutes. Therefore, this product is the best solution, if you want to get the fastest way to remove the mold problem in your room.

How to Use It

One thing that you must remember is this product can be considered to be a strong product. So, you need to carefully apply it to the infected area. That way you won’t harm other areas that might don’t need any treatment. Here is a simple guide to use clr mold spray.

  • Test it on the small area first to see whether it give stain on that area.
  • If it doesn’t stain that area, you can start to use it. Spray enough amounts to the infected area.
  • Let it sit for around 10 minutes. Then repeat the process to make sure you kill all the fungi in that area.
  • After that, wipe it clean with a cloth.

For a stain that is caused by the mold, you may need more equipment that can scrape the stain. Make sure when you do it, you also wear vinyl or safety gloves, mask, and eye protection. that way when you use the clr mold and mildew stain remover, the mold dust won’t affect you. Plus, make sure the room also has good air circulation. Use a fan if necessary to make sure the airflow and bring the mold spore outside the room.


In short, using CLR mold remover is the best solution for your problem. Choose the clr cleaner spray bottle that matches your needs. You don’t need to buy the big size if you only have a small infected area. The most important thing here is the way to use it. If you use it correctly, you will be able to solve your mold problem easily without causing dangerous side effects.


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